Demand for Heath Ledger Memorabilia Soars on eBay

Heath Ledger’s star was already on the rise in anticipation for his role in the upcoming Batman sequel, the Dark Knight. His recent passing has sparked a huge increase in demand on eBay for anything associated with the actor.

Here is a trend  from Terapeak Research showing the steep upswing in eBay listings with titles containing the actor’s name.

a 90 day trend for Total Listings containing the terms “Heath Ledger” and a 90 day trend for the Success rate of the sampled listings.

In the last week, listings have soared up to 400-500 per day, with a surprisingly high sell- through rate of between 70-90 %. The bulk of the listings are still firmly planted in the DVDs & Movies category (as was the case throughout the last 90 days), however the amount of listings in categories like Entertainment Memorabilia, Books, and Collectibles have all seen a dramatic increase. 



Super Bowl, Super Tickets?

Sports fans and those living with sports fans know that Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner. This February 3rd, the Patriots meet the Giants in Glendale, Arizona. One billion people worldwide are forecasted to watch the game, with more than 75,000 at the University of Phoenix Stadium to watch live. Will the Patriots remain undefeated?  And how much would you have to pony up for one of the coveted Sunday tickets? We can look to recent eBay ticket sales to see!


Recent reports from show that the average ticket price is $4,481 with a grand total of $1,855,304 worth of ticket sales over the past 30 days.


Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are playing the half time show this year (here’s hoping that there aren’t any more wardrobe malfunctions) – recently a signed guitar from the group sold for $850 on eBay. You can still score a CD for an average price of $6.65 on eBay, so there’s time to catch up on the hits before Sunday.

 Who are you cheering for this weekend? And have you purchased tickets through eBay before?To check today’s statistics, visit Terapeak! 

Webkinz on eBay Pricing with Terapeak Research

The Terapeak Webkinz Index – Dec 2007

Here’s a fun report using eBay research on Webkinz, those educational and interactive toys popular with the tween and younger set. If you’re not that age, you may also be a member of one of the demographics affected – a parent, grandparent or friend of a Webkinz fanatic!
Webkinz are consistently in demand on eBay, so we decided to track the Webkinz activity monthly in this, our first installment of the Terapeak Webkinz Index.

The following is a report on the top 20 Webkinz sold on eBay during December 2007. The Successful Listings are the amount sold on eBay, and the Price column is the average price across those listings!

Search Successful
Penguin 7411 $18.46
Reindeer 6325 $14.89
Frog 5328 $12.32
Horse 4366 $14.37
Turtle 3651 $21.66
Collie 3315 $18.82
Monkey 3303 $14.65
Chihuahua 3245 $8.1
Panda 2730 $8.84
Black Lab 2496 $11.15
Unicorn 2339 $19.23
Seal 2314 $16.51
Elephant 2236 $8.06
Husky 2214 $13.29
Hippo 2182 $7.58
Gorilla 2071 $11.04
Yellow Lab 2071 $14.35
Poodle 2066 $7.89
Polar Bear 2046 $9.61
Charcoal Cat 2036 $17.22

It’s no surprise that over the Christmas season Reindeer were a top seller, and check out the top dollar fetching Turtle Webkinz! Black Labs may sell more than their yellow cousins, but the Yellow Labs fetched a few more dollars per item.

Want more information on eBay sales? Visit – send any questions to .

Terapeak Market Research Helps Fulfill One of Your New Year’s Resolutions!

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