GI Joe sales steady as film project moves forward

GI Joe figures are a hot product category on eBay, and it’s only going to get hotter as a live action movie based on the popular toy and cartoon series has recently gone into production.

Director Stephen Sommers (the Mummy) is attached to the project and actors Marlon Wayans, Sienna Miller, and Christopher Eccleston have joined the cast.

Nearly 40,000 GI Joe listings ended in the last 30 days on, 66% of which ended in sale, and worth over $690,000.
The 3 3/4 inch GI Joe action figure category showed up in this month’s Terapeak Hot Category list, due to a high success rate, and growing demand.
Here’s a trend of that category:

Graph from Terapeak

 The listings in this category have enjoyed above a 60% sell-through rate for the last years. This means that 60% of all listings sell, and that’s a steady category!

Hasbro’s other line of toys, Transformers, was also adapted into a film franchise that grossed over 300 million in the US box office. Demand for Transformers toys peaked at the time of the movie’s release last summer, and demand for GI Joe listings will likely follow the same pattern.


HD DVD and Blu-Ray Continue to Compete for Sales on eBay

Netflix to drop HD DVD format, Best Buy to focus on Blu-rayTwo more setbacks for the HD DVD were revealed this week as Netflix moved to support Blu-ray exclusively while Best Buy announced they will display Blu-ray products more prominently in stores, and recommend Blu-ray hardware.Blu-ray is poised to become the standard format for high-definition discs, following Warner’s high profile decision to stop producing HD DVD products after May 2008.How are the two formats faring on eBay’s market place?

According to market research from Terapeak, in the last 30 days, the total number of listings for each format in all categories was very close (52,221 Blu-ray listings vs. 53,457 HD DVD listings), however, the number of HD DVD items listed was greater by a margin of 75%, as sellers have begun unloading whole movie collections in lots.

Blu-ray listings in the Consumer Electronics/DVD & Home Theatre category, had an average selling price nearly double that of HD DVD player listings.
Despite a higher average price, Blu-ray players had a 74.26% success rate compared to 63.02% for HD DVD players.