Research a Seller

Find out the key to your competitors’ success by analyzing his/her selling behavior.


Researching eBay categories to know what to sell

In this video we look at Terapeak’s full suite of Category Research and show you how to spot products that are making over $50,000 a week and also how to find sellers making over $110,000 a week. It has never been easier to spot million dollar opportunities on eBay.

Save a search and save time researching eBay

Using Terapeak’s save search option will let you receive weekly eBay research emails right to your inbox.

eBay Research Advanced Filtering Techniques for Terapeak

When using Terapeak’s eBay Research, make sure to use some of the more advanced filtering techniques to make sure you are researching only the specific product you are wanting to analyze. Remove accessories or wacko listings easily.

Setting your Terapeak Preferences

When using Terapeak’s eBay Research it is best to set your default preferences to make sure the data is displayed in your timezone and currency. There are also additional settings available.

Trend eBay Categories for 2 Years

Have you ever wondered when the Christmas season begins on eBay? Well, with Terapeak’s 2 year eBay category trends you can spot seasonality, new niche marketings, and find hot new product categories.

See what Buyers are Searching for

Terapeak’s Hot Searches shows you what eBay buyers are searching for when shopping on eBay. Browse by category or search all the buyer search terms by keyword.