Silver Age Iron Man Comics Get a Boost from Film Release

As the big budget film Iron Man hits theatres this week, demand for Silver age Iron Man comics has soared as well.
According to results found using Terapeak’s Hot Categories research tool, Iron man comics from between 1956 and 1969 are super hot on eBay this week.

This trend chart shows the last two years of activity in category #32735:Terapeak Iron Man trending

As you can see, listings and sales are both way up. Last week over 600 listings were posted in this category, generating $27K in sales.
That’s impressive activity for 40-50 year old collectibles.
Notable listings this month:
IRON MAN & SUB-MARINER # 1 (1968) sold for $4650.00, making it the highest priced listing in this category in April.
The INVINCIBLE IRON MAN Complete Collection DVD ROM was the most frequently listed title in April. Digital formats for comic books are a growing industry.
Iron Man, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow, opens in theatres across North America on May 2nd, 2008.
IronMan logo

Die Cutting Machines: A fun scrapbooking tool and a hot product on eBay!

With an 80% sell through rate and the 9th highest sales revenue on the site, category #71228 (Crafts > Scrapbooking > Die Cutting Machines) is our feature hot category on eBay this week.

Die cutting machines create designs by pressing a shape or die into paper, cutting it into precise shapes or letters. Die cutting machines are popular with scrapbookers, but can be very useful to anyone looking to embellish photo albums, paper crafts, and artwork. Die cutting machines tend to be very simple to use, and much less hassle than tracing and cutting by hand.

The average price for products in this category is around $65.00, but machines can climb up to $800-1000 per unit.

Here is a 2 year sale trend for category #71228

Die Cut Graph
As you can see, sales revenue has been climbing steadily in this category over the last two years.

More and more art supply stores are catering to scrapbooking and embossing interests these days, and as the products become available to a wider audience, the market for tools like die cutting machines is sure to keep growing.

(Results were found using Terapeak’s marketplace research tools.)

March 14 eBay Workshop – Create Your Sales Strategy, Boost Your Profits

Topic: Create a Sales Strategy to Boost Your Profits – The How and Why With Market Research
Host: Terapeak
Date: Friday, March 14th
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. PST

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Whether you’re just starting out on eBay, a hobby seller, or a top grossing Power Seller, it’s important to consider your selling strategy and how your business goals affect your auction listings. This month’s interactive workshop will review different sales strategies, and how to make decisions based on these. Are you an ASP seller or an ASR seller? And how will this influence your listings? Join Denise from Terapeak to determine your selling strategy and the way it will help maximize your profits!

Vintage Cameras a Hot Item on eBay through February

Let’s take a look at an interesting result from Terapeak‘s Hot Category List from the last 30 days: Category # 11721: Vintage TLR Cameras.

Sporting a very unique look compared to modern cameras, TLR cameras were very popular in the 1950’s and 60’s. TLR stands for Twin Lens Reflex, meaning the camera has two lenses of equal focal length (one lens for the viewfinder and one lens to capture the image.) The advantage of the TLR over modern SLR (single lens reflex) cameras is that the viewfinder is not obscured during exposure, and maintains a constant view of the subject. However, unlike SLR cameras, many TLR models present challenges when judging depth of field, or taking close range photography.

camera example

There were 3,432 TLR camera and accessory listings on eBay in the last 90 days, with an overall success rate of 63%. Prices ranging from the affordable (an average price of $115.00) to the extravagant (a rare Rolleiflex Tele-Xenar model sold for $3500.00).

And as you can see from the trend, sales for TLR (twin lens reflex) cameras recently hit a two year peak.

2 year trend graph
Now that digital cameras have become so common, it’s great to see buyers still taking an interest in film based cameras, especially these vintage models.

GI Joe sales steady as film project moves forward

GI Joe figures are a hot product category on eBay, and it’s only going to get hotter as a live action movie based on the popular toy and cartoon series has recently gone into production.

Director Stephen Sommers (the Mummy) is attached to the project and actors Marlon Wayans, Sienna Miller, and Christopher Eccleston have joined the cast.

Nearly 40,000 GI Joe listings ended in the last 30 days on, 66% of which ended in sale, and worth over $690,000.
The 3 3/4 inch GI Joe action figure category showed up in this month’s Terapeak Hot Category list, due to a high success rate, and growing demand.
Here’s a trend of that category:

Graph from Terapeak

 The listings in this category have enjoyed above a 60% sell-through rate for the last years. This means that 60% of all listings sell, and that’s a steady category!

Hasbro’s other line of toys, Transformers, was also adapted into a film franchise that grossed over 300 million in the US box office. Demand for Transformers toys peaked at the time of the movie’s release last summer, and demand for GI Joe listings will likely follow the same pattern.

Super Bowl, Super Tickets?

Sports fans and those living with sports fans know that Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner. This February 3rd, the Patriots meet the Giants in Glendale, Arizona. One billion people worldwide are forecasted to watch the game, with more than 75,000 at the University of Phoenix Stadium to watch live. Will the Patriots remain undefeated?  And how much would you have to pony up for one of the coveted Sunday tickets? We can look to recent eBay ticket sales to see!


Recent reports from show that the average ticket price is $4,481 with a grand total of $1,855,304 worth of ticket sales over the past 30 days.


Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are playing the half time show this year (here’s hoping that there aren’t any more wardrobe malfunctions) – recently a signed guitar from the group sold for $850 on eBay. You can still score a CD for an average price of $6.65 on eBay, so there’s time to catch up on the hits before Sunday.

 Who are you cheering for this weekend? And have you purchased tickets through eBay before?To check today’s statistics, visit Terapeak! 

Webkinz on eBay Pricing with Terapeak Research

The Terapeak Webkinz Index – Dec 2007

Here’s a fun report using eBay research on Webkinz, those educational and interactive toys popular with the tween and younger set. If you’re not that age, you may also be a member of one of the demographics affected – a parent, grandparent or friend of a Webkinz fanatic!
Webkinz are consistently in demand on eBay, so we decided to track the Webkinz activity monthly in this, our first installment of the Terapeak Webkinz Index.

The following is a report on the top 20 Webkinz sold on eBay during December 2007. The Successful Listings are the amount sold on eBay, and the Price column is the average price across those listings!

Search Successful
Penguin 7411 $18.46
Reindeer 6325 $14.89
Frog 5328 $12.32
Horse 4366 $14.37
Turtle 3651 $21.66
Collie 3315 $18.82
Monkey 3303 $14.65
Chihuahua 3245 $8.1
Panda 2730 $8.84
Black Lab 2496 $11.15
Unicorn 2339 $19.23
Seal 2314 $16.51
Elephant 2236 $8.06
Husky 2214 $13.29
Hippo 2182 $7.58
Gorilla 2071 $11.04
Yellow Lab 2071 $14.35
Poodle 2066 $7.89
Polar Bear 2046 $9.61
Charcoal Cat 2036 $17.22

It’s no surprise that over the Christmas season Reindeer were a top seller, and check out the top dollar fetching Turtle Webkinz! Black Labs may sell more than their yellow cousins, but the Yellow Labs fetched a few more dollars per item.

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