Terapeak 5.0 – Now Available at a Computer Near You!

Hello! Welcome to a new era of Terapeak research!

This week we launched Terapeak 5.0, the next generation of our existing site that incorporates not only a fresh new look and feel (and oh yeah, it’s faster too) but also some unique new features.

Those of you familiar with the site will notice that Terapeak now includes actual seller ID’s in all reporting (no more hashed number reports) and numerical totals in the category trending (previously it was percentage of total value). For example:


We can see that the week ending March 09, 2008, $429.88 K of sales occurred in the
Consumer Electronics > Televisions > LCD Flat-Panel TVs > 40-49 inch LCD TVs

We’ve also taken our user’s feedback to heart and developed new tools that answer a question we hear everyday, “what can I sell on eBay?” Our new Hot Research tools make finding hot products and discovering new niches easier by providing you with information on what eBay shoppers are actively searching for, and what items are topping the sales within sub categories. The following is a report on the Hot Products within the Clothing, Shoes & Accessories > Men’s Clothing > Shirts > Casual category:

tshirt mens

The Terapeak team is very proud of the 5.0 site, and we all hope that you’ll check out our new features, and our new interface! For more information, drop us a line here or at support@terapeak.com



MAC Eyeshadow BIG on eBay this Spring


One of this month’s hot categories on eBay is Health & Beauty>Makeup>Eye Shadow>MAC.
Mac is one of the leading producers of cosmetics, health and beauty products, with flashy ad campaigns featuring celebrities like Missy Elliot, Fergie, and Dita Von Tees.
MAC makeup accounted for over 30,000 listings on eBay last month, with an average price of $19.75 and an impressive sell through rate of $71.73%.
Some of the listings sold for as much as $1000.00!
Take a look at a two year trend in sales and success rate for MAC Eye Shadow from Terapeak Marketplace Research:
mac graph
This is a very seasonal category, showing sales peaks in the spring of each year. This year’s peak is the highest yet.
This category has also enjoyed a very steady success rate since last fall.
Maybe its time to add some “Glam” to your eBay listings this spring!